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Hubert & David

Hubert & David Moszczynski

Two young brothers, earning first successes in speed skating on the lokal UK area. Watch their talents unfold!

The adventure with ice skating began in 2016, when the whole family went to a public ice skating rink. The kids liked it so much that we started going every Saturday and additionally the boys went to the "SKATE UK" skating lessons. After one of the Saturday slides, we stayed longer to eat something, at the same time the speed-skating club started training on the ice. The kids asked a lot of questions about the driving style of the club members. At the next public slide, Hubert started to imitate speed skating, he rode bent over with his hands behind his back, a service person approached us and offered a practice training session in the club. Hubert, when he was still learning how to skate, won the beginner's competition for the first time at the end of his training. There was nothing left but to let him join the club. A year later, his younger brother David joined him.