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Magdalena Solich-Talanda

Magdalena Solich-Talanda

Young Female Freediver from Poland who started freediving at 24 years of age and in just two years of training has won two World Championship titles and broke two World Records!

The Individual AIDA Pool World Championships took place at the end of June 2018 and Magdalena Solich-Talanda was killing it! The strongest current female freediver proved herself again!

Magda defended her DNF (no fins dynamics) World Title with a dive of 178m on June 28th, 2018 and won gold in DYN (dynamics with monofin) with a 243m dive, while establishing a new World Record on June 29th, 2018. The previous record was set by the late Natalia Molchanova, the best freediver of the current times, which really sets in perspective Magda’s achievement!

Magda is true to the saying that dreams are MADE true and she says:

Some of my dreams I have already made true, some are still a work-in-progress. But behind every success are people and companies, without whom all of this wouldn’t be possible.”

She then proceeded to thank her sponsors, trainers, training partners and the fans.

Stay tuned for the future!


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The Story

I am a teacher of physical education by profession and passion, specializing in the correction of postural defects in children. I am a swimming trainer and I’m teaching children how to swim and improve their swimming techniques.
Since childhood, I was active in sports and my older brothers instilled in me the love for volleyball. In high school swimming classes gave me so much joy that soon I became a lifeguard. I knew it was too late for me to start a swimming career, but why not become a pro freediver?

How it all began

In all honesty, I met freediving much later in life then high school. During my last year of studies I worked at one of the swimming pools in Katowice, where I met a girl doing freediving. She was training for the Polish Championships and I told her, "If you become the Polish Champion, then I must also start training." It happened and I kept my promise!

First steps

One year later (2015) I competed in the Pool World Championships in Belgrade and placed 3rd in DNF (146m). Next season I worked hard with two of my coaches: Ryszard Szwajcer from the Edensport Diving Center and Mateusz Talada (privately my  husband) and the results exceeded all expectations! TWO World Champion titles, five national records, including one new world record.

What’s next?

Someone might ask what is more to wish for? My answers are: becoming better each day, learning perseverance, overcoming your own weaknesses, proving to people and, above all, to myself that there are no limits.

A passion in sports creates beautiful memories, lots of endorphins, but at the same time also teaches you how to stay humble, how to deal with losses and how to get up afterwards.

I'm going to the top and I'm not surprised that the road is going uphill.

Photo: Patrycja Radiowska-Polak

Season 2018

I have been preparing for the last two years for the highest-ranking swimming freediving competition: the Individual AIDA World Championships. This year they will take place at the end of June in Belgrade, Serbia.

During the last few months I participated in two local competitions in Poland as a test run. During one of the starts I dived 200 meters without fins (DNF) and this is better than the current world record by 9m!

In Belgrade I will participate in two competitions: Dynamic apnea with fins (DYN) and Dynamic apnea without fins (DNF).

20 more days to go! Keep your fingers crossed!

Photo: Patrycja Radiowska-Polak

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